Behind the Scenes

Online Exclusive Clips

Over a hundred hours of footage were captured in order to produce the documentary Passionately Loving the World. Not everything could make it into the documentary but there was still so much more that was worthwhile viewing!

For the first time since the release in 2006, we are excited to share with you the following unedited behind the scenes clips from Passionately Loving the World. (The following videos are not on the DVD.)

{youtube}BGb-eOKYXRA{/youtube}Micki Blunt on Opus Dei

{youtube}UVYep3X964o{/youtube}Chris Blunt on work without prayer

{youtube}pPFr-8FI25s{/youtube}The Blunt Children on the farm

{youtube}nKpgGqcFV3s{/youtube}Wendy O'Bar on Opus Dei

{youtube}DKy8uB-5R50{/youtube}O'Bar's on Married Life

{youtube}_ku06EjMoDM{/youtube}O'Bar Family History

{youtube}mLS-iGY_KfI{/youtube}Fr. Dick Rieman

{youtube}kfWgUlEFVu0{/youtube}Fr. Dick Rieman

{youtube}Rhu-nt3yu24{/youtube}Fr. Dick Rieman

{youtube}iRY8qoXQj2g{/youtube}Fr. Dick Rieman