Meet the Cast

The Blunt Family

“It’s where God wants me to be and it’s the way God wants me to live my life.”

Chris and Micki Blunt
Loda, Illinois

Chris talks about the profound effect that St. Josemaria's teachings have had on his faith. He is open and honest about the very real ways St. Josemaria's spirituality helps him find meaning in his life. "I don't think being a husband or being a father comes naturally to most men." Chris will even tell you that he is "not the best husband" — that is, if his wife doesn't tell you first! Read more…

Joe Keefler

"It's the union with God that makes someone free."

Joe Keefler
Stow, Massachusetts

Joe Keefler plays soccer like he means it. And not because he is especially good at it or because he is paid to do so, but because that's how he lives his life: with his full attention on the present. "I gotta play well. If I play crappy soccer I can't offer it up." says Joe, a corporate software writer. "I still play crappy soccer," he laughs, "but I try to win."

The O'Bar Family

“I have to use those moments of tears for something good.”

Vince and Wendy O’Bar
Houston, Texas

“You gotta have barbecue in Texas” says Houston native Vince O’Bar as he deftly arranges hamburgers over a hot fire in his backyard. A hardworking salesman, he appreciates simplicity and straightforwardness. That is exactly what attracted him to the spirituality of St. Josemaria: “It’s so simple: you can sanctify your ordinary work.”
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"The saints were perfectly ordinary normal beings, like you and me." – St. Josemaria Escriva

Molly Bowman

“And then it kind of dawned on me… this is what it’s like to starve your soul, when you don’t pray.”

Molly Bowman
Walnut Creek, California

Molly Bowman has been known to zip around the hills of Oakland on a shiny, red, moped. “You can’t outdo a moped” she says definitively with a smirk that suggests she knows just how ridiculous the vehicle is. But aside from her occasional mode of transportation, Molly is a pretty typical twenty-three year old.
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Paul Ybarra

“Really giving all of my attention to the task at hand - that, I’ve been taught, is prayer as well.”

Paul Ybarra
Los Angeles, California

"I'll make the sign of the cross and say Lord help me, give me strength," he explains. "And I try to do things as well as I possibly can so that becomes prayer whatever that might be. Shifting the gears on the apparatus or trying to look on the map, working with the captain, listening to what he has to say, and really giving all of my attention to the task at hand. That, I've been taught, is prayer too."
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The Owens Family

“I’ve always loved kids, but as far as in my own life, that was not like a vision that I had.”

Damon and Melanie Owens
West Orange, New Jersey

"All these different roles and all these different relationships, and within them I don't need be somewhere else in order to be holy." He continues, "What does holiness even mean? It's moving beyond that sense of the halo and walking on water and spouting out every book from Genesis to Revelations. It's being in the world right where I am, being natural in who I am." Read more…