Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Come, O Holy Spirit:
enlighten my understanding 
to know your commands;
strengthen my heart 
against the wiles of the enemy; inflame my will...
I have heard your voice, 
and I don't want to harden my heart to resisting, 
by saying 'later... tomorrow.'
Nunc coepi! Now! 
Lest there be no tomorrow for me!
O, Spirit of truth and wisdom,
Spirit of understanding and counsel,
Spirit of joy and peace!
I want what you want, 
I want it because you want it,
I want it as you want it, 
I want it when you want it.



Prayer that Purifies the Heart: How the Rosary Forms our Interior Life

rosary-madonna-1598 2crop By Fr. John Henry Hanson, O. Praem.

"Because we too frequently think, feel, and act in fallen ways, the Rosary of our Lady can become the great teacher of our spiritual, emotional, and psychological life. St Josemaria reminds us in Furrow #481 'not to forget the example of the Virgin Mary' at the Annunciation because as 'Mary is recollected in prayer… She is using all her senses and her faculties to speak to God.' This is exactly what the Rosary invites us to do: Offering each sense and faculty to God in prayer, our inner life is purified so that we can learn to see as God sees, love as He loves, and to surrender to Him as Mary did."


Growing Young: St. Therese of Lisieux and Spiritual Childhood

thereseoflisieuxBy Fr. John Henry Hanson, O. Praem.

"Saints have the uncanny ability to startle us with their insights into the basic truths of our faith. Until a holy person comes along and embodies the Gospel, its radical demands might suffer the fate of a museum piece—safely under glass, to be admired but not handled. In Saints we witness how grace works "in the flesh," transforming people like ourselves into icons of the living God—making the "ever ancient, ever new" quality of Gospel teaching strike a new generation with its relevance and urgency."


St. Junipero Serra, a Herald of the Gospel in North America

junipero-serraBy Fr. Juan R. Vélez

"Today Junipero Serra, a Spanish Franciscan and founder of nine of the twenty-one California missions in the 18th century, was declared a saint by Pope Francis at a solemn Mass at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D. C. The canonization of Junipero Serra is a call to personal holiness and evangelization. The saints brought the Catholic Faith to these lands and they taught us by their example of charity and self-sacrifice how to plant the seed of the Gospel."


Our Accuser is Cast Out - The Feast of the Holy Archangels

Francesco Botticini - I tre Arcangeli e Tobias 2By Fr. John Henry Hanson, O. Praem.

"Satan is said to "accuse" those redeemed by Christ. What does he accuse us of? Accusations are made over one thing: guilt. You are at fault, and another brings it forward to prove something about you. You need to apologize and/or be penalized for your sin. Or, depending on the judge, you could be pardoned, excused, even saved."


When Love is Strengthened

Padre 20140318140121361719 20140404190245697626 2By Bishop Javier Echevarria

"St Josemaria would invite people to take the Holy Family as their model and also to try their best, with daily self-giving, to make their family life into a foretaste of heaven."


The Family - Seedbed of Vocations

740605-51 2By Fr. C. John McCloskey

"We know that the core teaching of the Second Vatican Council is the radical call of all to holiness. However, we also know that God calls a chosen few, that should be many, to follow him even more closely in a life of apostolic celibacy for the kingdom of God, whether it be as a priest, religious, or layperson. The founder of Opus Dei [St. Josemaria Escriva] once remarked that those called by God owe ninety percent of their vocation to their parents. The family is the seedbed of vocations."


St. Josemaria Escriva: 10 Questions about Marriage

couple-260899 1280 2By the St. Josemaria Institute

Edited by the St. Josemaria Information Center in Rome, St Josemaria answers ten questions about love, marriage, engagement, faithfulness, raising children, keeping a family united, and what happens when a couple can't have children.


The Vocation of Marriage

before-695022 1280 2By Msgr. Cormac Burke

"Marriage is approached more and more selfishly today. Far too many people look on it as simply a way that should be satisfying to me and, on balance, should make me happy, because it will bring me more satisfactions than burdens. This whole approach is deeply flawed. It is not that people expect too much of marriage; they expect the wrong thing. Such an approach is too small, too self-centered. It looks on marriage for the companionship or security or ease or pleasure it seems to promise, not for the mission it entails. It reduces marriage to the comfortable and shared calculations of two people, when it is meant to be an open-ended adventure involving three to begin with: husband and wife and God...; and all that this can lead to."



The Memorial of the Passion of St. John the Baptist

John-the-Baptist-in-Prison 2By Fr. John Henry Hanson, O. Praem.

"Each of us is up against something that requires us to 'fight hard,' from ordinary human weakness to temptations to sin. We know that the victory belongs to Christ, but we also have this lingering fear: I know that I can, but I'm afraid that I won't. I know that I can do all things in Him who strengthens me, but I'm afraid that I will back out and not fight hard."


As a Bride Adorned for her Husband: On the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin

coronation apse maggioreBy Fr. John Henry Hanson, O. Praem.

"In crowning the Blessed Virgin as Queen of heaven and earth, God does more than crown His greatest work of grace in a mere human being. The joy and glory that await her children, 'those who keep the commandments of God and bear testimony to Jesus,' is also shone forth (Rev 12:17). Saint Josemaria exhorts us: 'It is indeed just that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit should crown the Blessed Virgin as Queen and Lady of all created things. With the daring of a child, join in this celebration in Heaven' (cf. The Forge, no. 285)."


"May you seek Christ, May you find Christ, May you love Christ." - St. Josemaria Escriva

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